Orto (Vegetable Garden)

Meet us!

Yum scrum, let the sound of it roll off the tip of your tongue. Savour the feel, the aroma, the setting, the ambience. 

Orto is the latest creation of master restaurateur Brigitte Raye. Since arriving in Vancouver 20 years ago Brigitte has been lighting up palettes on the North Shore with unique and delicious offerings in unique and delicious one of a kind settings.

Orto is her latest triumph. Once you taste the food, experience the intimacy of the restaurant you’ll come back again and again. Oh, and come spring, summer and fall the garden becomes your personal Monet party setting.

Quite Unique!

Orto boasts a beautiful urban garden and patio in which grows a luscious grape vine, quince tree, fragrant herbs, tomatoes...

In the spirit of Community, this new venture is sharing the facilities with a new local baker, Bad Dog Bread, from which some organic breads will be featured on our menu.

Together, we are excited and happy to welcome you to our cityscape hideaway, where time stops to give place to fun and Dolce Vita!